the house band



A native of Seattle, drummer Max Holmberg honed his jazz playing at Eckstein Middle School, Roosevelt High School, and Berklee College of Music in Boston. Upon returning from the east coast, Max wanted to create a relaxed but focused space for a jazz community to come together and started the Beaver Sessions. He can also be found performing most nights of the week around the Northwest with several projects including the 200 Trio, Kareem Kandi Band, Alex Dugdale Quintet and others.



Greg started out on violin at age 4. But when puberty hit, his voice dropped, and so did his jazz. Influenced by the sweet riffs and wubwub of dubstep, Greg hones his art from an amalgamation of electronica and Norwegian polka.



Cole Schuster gets his musicality from hanging out with the statue of Jimi Hendrix on Capitol Hill for at least three hours a day. Nobody is sure of how exactly Cole communes with the rock god of rock, but Cole is convinced he hears Jimi's spirit.